Today we direct seeded spinach and arugula.  With the arugula, we lightly dusted half of our raised bed with the arugula seeds and then covered these with a layer of dirt.  We then proceeded to water the seeds. The spinach, however, was a little trickier.  For this, we created holes, which were about an inch deep and about 2 inches apart, in one of the beds and then placed one seed in each of these holes.  Afterwards, we covered these with more soil and then watered the seeds.  Unfortunately, our directly-seeded carrots have still not really grown (there are small sprouts, but nothing major).  On the other hand, the carrots which we transplanted from the soil blocks are doing phenomenally.  Currently, our biggest challenge has been the dry weather and warmth, which make it hard to keep the beds moist enough for the seeds (seeing as we don't have our drip irrigation system set up yet).  Until we have that system set-up, we will have to continue to manually water the garden. Again, we are still transplanting the multitude of tomato plants (and running out of room!), and we even managed to plant some herbs in some of the garden flats.  These will remain in the greenhouse for a few weeks, and we will then transplant these to the raised bed in the garden.  In addition, we managed to plant two more flats of lettuce yesterday.  


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