Today, we continued to bring some of the new soil over into the beds in the garden in order to replenish nutrients and prep the beds for later planting.  We also transplanted a flat of leeks today.  Since leeks are roots crops, we had to be careful not to damage the roots in any way when we were pulling the leeks out of the flats.  We also had to plant them about 2 inches apart so that they would have room to grow.  Furthermore, we mixed the donated soil with metro mix to make a soil for transplanting tomato plants into pots so that they will be able to grow in an ultra nutrient-rich soil.  We will continue to use this soil to transplant tomato plants over the next two weeks; the pots will allow them more room to grow and more room to develop a strong root system (which will provide them with extra strength once we plant them in the actual garden beds).  We have another garden meeting this week on Thursday, during which we will most likely continue to transplant, till garden beds, water plants, and mix soil.


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