Today we had a fairly quick garden meeting - we tilled the final bed in order to get it ready for new soil.  Although some of the beds still need more soil, which we will do at the next meeting, they are looking much better than they did during the winter.  Our garlic keeps growing at a surprising rate, and there are currently three beds filled with lettuce as well as our mini-greenhouse near the garden (which holds about the same amount of lettuce as a bed).  Next week we will also be working on transplanting the tomato plants into the cow pots, and transplanting the swiss chard from the flat in the greenhouse to a bed in the garden (the chard is starting to get too big for the flat, so we want to transplant the crop before it is damaged in any way).  Instructional videos (regarding planting lettuce, transplanting lettuce, transplanting tomatoes, and more!) are soon to come!


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