This past week was our spring break at the High School, but we still managed to get a ton of work completed:

Tuesday - renovated beds and installed drip irrigation system to most beds.

Wednesday - Transplanted Onions (Red Zeppelin, Sierra Blanca, and Candy Yellow). Transplanted Kind Richard Leeks. Transplanted Broccoli. Placed floating row cover on Broccoli, spinach seeds, arugula seeds and Swiss chard transplants (to protect from any insects as well as to keep in the moisture during this dry period).

Thursday - Renovated Tomato beds (only the edges, since there is garlic in hte middle). Added soil, fertilizer, and fluffed.

Friday - Installed irrigation to tomato/garlic beds, planted potato's in bed 1 (partial), planted 9 pots with (big black pots) with potato's, re-seeded spinach watered everything.



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