Today we harvested yet another 41 pounds of produce and more than half of it was donated to an organization called Community Plates!! The tomatoes are really coming along too! In fact, some of the larger ones are beginning to turn pink/red on the bottom! So far the black cherry tomato is getting a lot of attention. In addition, we are looking forward to another huge cucumber harvest this coming Friday. We will also begin harvesting onions on Friday with well over 200 to collect! The beans are flourishing as always in the hot summer weather, of course. The garlic is still drying in the greenhouse and we're very excited for its weigh-in soon! Friday is certainly going to be a huge day for harvesting!!
WE HAVE TOMATOES!!!! We got our first ripe tomatoes today. We harvested about 1 lb of Bloody Butcher, small red, tomatoes as well as 1 lb of Sun Gold, cherry type. In addition we harvested another 8 lbs of Cucumbers and 2 lbs of Pole Beans. It also looks like the solution to carrot germination has been found and hopefully this will yield a very large fall crop. Friday is going to be a big harvest which should take our total to almost 300 pounds for the year.
Today was a huge day for harvesting!  The beans are literally climbing the fences and the cucumbers are producing much more than expected.  We finally harvested the garlic as well which will be left to dry out for about two weeks, all 64 heads!  The tomatoes are really coming along too!  We tied them even farther up the poles.  Pretty soon they'll be too tall for the bamboo!  On another note, we also did some wild raspberry picking on our own which I personally enjoyed very much!  If there isn't enough in the garden already, we also seeded different types of carrots as well as multiple lettuce flats.  It's amazing that the garden continues to flourish in this hot weather.  We're all looking forward to the huge tomato harvest to come!! 
As the summer progresses this year, we will meet in the garden on Tuesdays and Fridays so that we can continue to produce crops.  Already this summer, we have harvested carrots, chard, lettuce, arugula, and potatoes.  We have also continued to tie up the tomato plants to bamboo poles which act as a brace to keep the plants sturdy as they grow taller.  Moreover, our herbs have started to take off, and the garlic looks as though it will be ready for harvest soon!  In addition, we saw some of our first beans last week - so we'll have to get ready for the much loved bean harvest soon.  Everything in the garden is blooming, and we will have plenty of crops to harvest going forward.  We are also continuing to plant two flats of lettuce each week so that we will always have a couple flats of lettuce ready for transplanting into the garden beds.  As we gear up for the long hot summer ahead of us, we look forward to the great harvest which awaits.