Tuesday's meeting involved less work than usual this week but we did manage to organize much of the greenhouse.  We made sure that all of the plants were organized as well as the tools in the planting room.  Finally, we thoroughly watered all of the plants inside the greenhouse as well as all of the plants in beds without drip irrigation in the garden.  We made sure to really water all of the plants because the hot weather has dried up most of the moisture in the soil.  On Friday, we started to transplant all of the remaining tomato and pepper plants into large black pots which we will keep in the garden.  After we transplanted these, we made sure to water them thoroughly and then water them with fish emulsion.  After this, we tied all of our tomato plants in the beds to bamboo poles to provide support for the plants.  The plants will grow up the poles so that they do not fall over from their own weight.  Furthermore, we managed to plant more potatoes in the bed against the wall of the school.  We hope to have a large potato harvest in the fall.  We then transplanted two flats of lettuce in one of the empty beds, and then we made sure to manually water these plants because the soil is so dry.  Finally, we hooked up the drip irrigation hose into the last bed so that the beets and carrots do not have to be manually watered every day.  


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