Today, we started by thinning the Swiss Chard.  We did this by cutting off most of the leaves, but leaving a few so that the Chard could still grow again.  We also direct seeded carrots and beets.  For the carrots, we planted the same 5 types that we had weeks ago.  This way, after we harvest the first round of carrots, it will only be a few more weeks until we have another harvest of carrots.  To direct seed, we sprinkled the seeds over a certain section of the bed so that they were fairly evenly spaced out.  Then, we covered the seeds with about as much soil as the length of the seed.  After we planted the carrots and beets, we watered them in and then we covered the bed with row cover.  This will help keep in moisture so that the seeds do not dry out (the seeds must stay moist if they are to germinate).  We also moved all of the pots with cucumbers in them into the actual garden so that they would not be harmed by certain insects.  Finally, we planted two more flats of lettuce so that we will have more lettuce to transplant in a couple of weeks.  Our goal is to have continual harvests and continual transplants throughout the year.


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