Today,we finished tilling the open beds and breaking up all the soil so that it is light and fluffy.  This way, we can transfer some of the nutrient-rich new soil (graciously donated by Snow's Farm) into the beds.  Unfortunately, there is still lettuce in some of the beds - so we have to wait until we harvest that lettuce to till those beds.  We also watered all the beds as well as the flats inside the greenhouse.  Inside the greenhouse, we use fish emulsion to water the seedlings.  This helps reduce any "shock" they experience (for example, during transplanting, crops can sometimes go into shock from the transfer and die shortly afterwards; this fish emulsion reduces any of those negative effects and provides a better chance of the sprouts lasting).  We are also  constantly counting the number of tomato, pepper, leek, etc plants which are sprouting to keep an eye on our growth rate.  Coming up, we will have to plant more lettuce (since there will be a harvest of the outside beds in a couple of weeks, we need to have new lettuce ready to be transplanted in place of this harvested lettuce), continue to water the garden by hand until the drip irrigation system is set up, and continue to monitor the tomato, pepper, chard, and leek sprouts.


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