These two days have been major transplanting days for cucumbers.  We managed to transplant about 40-50 cucumbers - and we still have more!  Some of the cucumbers, which are more bush-like, ended up in pots, while the ones we planted in the beds will grow up a lattice.  Since we had so many left over potatoes, we planted two of these in a pot as well.  We also renovated one of the beds from which we harvested lettuce - we tilled and then added more soil to it.  This way, the bed will be ready for new crops to be transplanted next week.  In addition, we have been keeping our eyes on any weeds popping up in the beds and pulling these before they can spread.  Finally, we planted a variety of pole beans near the fencing so that they will be able to grow up the fence.  Next week we also anticipate a large amount of tomato, pepper, and eggplant transplanting.  In addition, the scapes on the garlic plants will be ready for harvesting soon.  We are also planning on cleaning out our mini greenhouse to make room for more crops - most likely lettuce again.  As the summer arrives, we have plenty of work to do in the garden!


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