Unfortunately. much of our lettuce did not survive the long hot weekend.  Although we managed to salvage some of it, much of it had to go to compost since lettuce does not grow well in extremely hot weather conditions.  So, we harvested this old lettuce in hopes that the next batch of lettuce would survive better once we transplant it.  In total, we harvested 37.5 pounds of lettuce today!!  On the other hand, we also managed to harvest the carrots in the bed against the wall of the building.  These carrots were incredibly tasty and large.  In total, there were 12.5 pounds of carrots.  Furthermore, we should be ready for a snow pea harvest soon since there are multiple snow pea pods on the plants.  Even the scapes on the garlic look as though they are almost ready to be harvested - we just have to wait until they curl a bit more.  Overall, however, the garden is looking phenomenal and has multiple crops which will soon be ready for a large harvest. 


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