Today we finished transplanting more tomatoes.  This is the main focus of our time right now since the tomatoes are ready to go in the ground - the weather is warm enough (temperatures do not dip below 40 at night anymore) and the irrigation system is set up so that we no longer have to worry about watering the tomatoes outside every day.  Again, we made sure to plant these tomatoes deep so that they will have a strong root system.  Over the next few weeks we plan on transplanting pepper plants and eggplants in the available space in the beds.  Also, as said in the previous post, we plan on harvesting carrots and lettuce soon.  We also plan to harvest the arugula soon since it has grown fast and is ready to be picked.  In addition, although the irrigation system is set up, we still must remember to water the tomato plants inside the greenhouse every day as well as the crops in the raised beds and the pots which are not part of the irrigation system.  Overall, the garden is looking amazing and the crops are flourishing.


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