On Tuesday, we managed to plant two new flats of lettuce since the lettuce in the garden will be ready to harvest soon.  The idea is that we will always have a new flat of lettuce to go into the garden once we harvest the lettuce from the bed of the garden.  Before we transplant new lettuce into the garden beds, however, we will have to renovate the beds (fluff, add new soil, and add fertilizer).  We also continued to organize the remaining plants from the plant sale in the greenhouse.  Since we still have many plants, we are still open to sales!  If you would like to purchase a plant, or have any questions about the plant sale/garden in general, please feel free to contact us on our "contact us" page!  Today (Thursday), we also planted cucumbers using the soil blocker.  The soil blocker, which creates 2x2 inch square blocks of soil will allow the cucumber to grow in the block and be transplanted later on without damaging the roots (this is very important since cucumbers are a root crop and may easily die if their root systems are damaged).  Tomorrow, we will continue to plant new crops and also harvest lettuce in the garden.  Since the weather has been so warm lately, we need to harvest the lettuce soon so that it does not bolt!  As soon as we harvest, we will be able to renovate those beds and put in a whole new set of lettuce.  The season has started to 


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